Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time, It Goes So Swiftly Now

For the past several weeks I’ve been seeing references to The Long Winter. Seems like I see those references every year now. It hasn’t been so bad here, though; no wonder Rose Wilder Lane bought a winter home in South Texas (but equally no wonder she went back up North for the rest of the year)!

I’m glad the weather has been relatively decent, because we’ve been on the road quite a bit. The whirl of gaiety continues: I’ve had several book signings and presentations on Little Lodges on the Prairie. It has been so fulfilling to see the excitement when people learn about this aspect of Laura Ingalls Wilder they hadn’t known before, along with new appreciation of what Freemasonry and the Eastern Star are about. The reception of Little Lodges has far exceeded my expectations.

All this traveling about and preparing presentations (the core material is the same, but I try to “personalize” each one to the particular group that’s having me) has taken up a lot of time. There are so many things I want to do each day, but don't have enough hours for half of them. And when something’s gotta give, blogging is usually the first to go, no matter how determined I am to keep it up. To quote Laura, “[I] had fully intended to do better, but we are told that good intentions make excellent paving-stones.” At least I’m in good company.

At a recent event in Ft. Worth