Monday, March 31, 2014

Swanzey the Record Saver

Another for the LIW folks.

So many fun things that I come across in researching Little Lodges won’t be in the book, but are still interesting enough that I want to be sure all the LIW fans have seen them. Like this one:
Thanks to Bob Hayes for the photo.

See the guy in the photo? On the left side. You might have to look twice to notice him, but it’s David Swanzey (Carrie's husband). This was taken in May, 1933. David was still CB&Q agent then, and when the flood waters began to overflow into the town of Keystone, he ran to gather the railroad’s records, getting them out just in time. I guess it’s just the idea of him saving the records that makes this one of my favorite photos of him - even though you can’t really see him.