Friday, August 22, 2014


I’ve been absent lately. We were on vacation! I’d share some nice pictures of our adventures, but somehow the memory card in the camera did not remember them. However, thanks to Wiki Commons, I can show a couple of the things we saw.

My first ever loon. 

We don’t have loons in the Texas hill country, and somehow all our trips have been to the wrong place or at the wrong time or something, and I’d never seen - or heard - one before. But doing a little fishing, we got surprisingly close to a few. And they were very vocal. If you want to hear their calls, check out AllAboutBirds. I imagine that if you could hear longing, it would sound like a loon’s wail. We also saw eagles and grouse, among other things. (The grouse picture was taken with my phone.)

Speaking of fishing, we got some walleye and pike. We love fresh fish! Which is a good thing, since we’re trying to not eat any other kind of meat.

The Blue Angels. Always love to watch them.

We heard some beautiful music at a concert by the Four Strings Trio, very talented ladies from the Polish Academy of Music. They don’t have a website yet, unfortunately, but I’ll be watching for it so we can get their CD.  They played classical, of course, but also popular tunes, jazz, celtic, and more. 

Now we’re getting ready to head west, back to South Dakota. Holy Terror Days at Keystone (think Mt. Rushmore) is the first weekend of September, and we’ll be there. The next weekend will be Pepin, Wisconsin, followed by Mansfield, Missouri. Then it will be time to head south and see the family.